Friday, 23 May 2008

Black Temple Last Night

Hey guys!

Just a small update with some more WWS Reports:

Supremus - This is a ranged fight so to be as High as I am here is nice! (Absolutely nothing to do with the 2 rogues, DPS warrior and the shaman being dead for most of the fight honest!!)

Shade of Akama - I'm really proud here!! 1671 DPS!! and 7th on the list!

We had some tries on Gorefiend, but as usual we had newbies to the fight in the group and we didn't get him down due to constructs in the raid picking off the healers.

But i was 7th, and 5th on 2 out of the 4 tries - so not bad..

My faith is restored for now! But I still think we need another instant attack - this is what we need!