Thursday, 22 May 2008

Blizzard....Fix me....Please?

Hey Guys...Hows you? All good I hope.

It was all so much fun when I first stepped foot into SSC having found Rohan's Blog and changed all my gear around so I made the Hit-Cap and got my AP right up and started working towards getting some real upgrades.

Then 2.4 came out. I had attained lots of nice gear and we stepped foot into Mount Hyjall and Black Temple...As the weeks have gone past and people have gotten their hands on some nice T6 gear I've started to be left behind in the DPS stakes. While I appreciate that Retribution will never be able to out do Warlocks or Rogues for pure DPS I was always happy with being placed 5th or sometimes even 4th or 3rd.

Slowly but Surely I've been pushed back down to 9th/10th although I seem to still always be over Mages for some reasons on boss fights. (Who knows!!)

I know this probably sounds a bit like a broken record from all Ret-Pallies but we need something else...something special - to make us a bit more powerful, and yet not over powered.

Its tough for Blizzard I guess to balance a class with the rest of other DPS classes when we could quite quickly be SO over powered in PvP.

But then Warlocks and Rogues are already OP in PvP and Blizzards seems blissfully unaware of this...

I'm suffering a bit of WoW Burnout at the moment I think - its frustrating to have so much gear you don't know what the optimal setup is for it...especially as everyone else around you seems to be getting stronger and stronger.

I just cant seem to get myself over 2000 AP unbuffed. I gain stuff on one item, then loose it on another - its like 2000 AP is the cap for ret-pallies (unbuffed of course)

Its all good saying stuff like "drop all your gems and put +Strength Gems in" But more than likely I'll loose my Meta gem activation.

This weekend I'm going to buy a copy of Age of Conan and see if its any good - reviews seem very positive at the moment - so I'm optimistic.

If I like playing that it'll be a nice refreshing change to keep me tied over until Wrath comes out.

In other news my druid made exalted with netherwing last night. Yay!