Monday, 29 October 2007

Weekend Antics!

Well its Monday morning again, back at work! Boring!

Lets give you guys an update of what happened over the weekend!

Friday Night:

So i got home from work to find that the 2nd Karazhan team had been cancelled due to not enough tanks available...which was highly annoying to the 8 other people that had signed!

So i said I'd be willing to respec either my paladin or preferably my druid to tank spec so we could go, and one of our players who's moved to the US said she'd blow the dust off her warrior and we'd go. But the boomkin who was signed had slightly better gear for tanking than my druid so he respec'd and off we went!

Well what a rag-tag bunch we'd gathered!! and didn't we do well!

Atumen - Down, no wipes.
Moroes - Down, No wipes.
Maiden - Down, No wipes.
Opera - Wizard of Oz, Down, No Wipes.
Curator - Down, No wipes (and in just over 4 minutes too!!)

We had a pop at Nightbane as well, but with no fear-ward, and the warrior was a bit rusty at stance dancing. So after the 2nd wipe we called it a night. We'd have tried Aran, but we lacked interrupts.

So all in all a good night!

Firelight got a new cape from Moroes, and some priestly cloth shoulders for his off spec healing gear, and Some tanking gloves from the maiden too. Epixx Epixx Epixx!!!

After Kara, some of the guildies and i decided we should do a heroic! So off we went to Heroic Slave Pens. But we needed a tank, so i respeced prot, and off we went. 1st group pull and i was dead! This was not going to be a pretty run! But our holy paladin pulled through and all those SSC epics he had did the job really well of keeping me up! even though my gear wasn't amazing! Some-how we managed to clear the instance! Good job! More Badges!


Did a bit of farming trying to get some money together, herbing, dailys, etc etc.
Didn't really do very much of interest really, apart from Heroic Mana-Tombs...dear god..I've never know such an annoying instance!

Its all plain sailing till you get to the last room, and the mobs just before it.

We had rather an interesting group, a priest, 2 feral druids, me (ret paladin) and a Mage.

When we had larger groups both druids were tanking. But for some reason our priest wasn't up to scratch really. About half way through the last room she had to go. We got a Resto druid in and we did fine. Cleared the last boss all done!

Got a nice mace, and a nice axe as i was the only one there that could wield them! Not that they're better than what i have, but they look cool!!

Also I got another Primal Nether!! So i just need 3 more now! getting close now!


No raid for me today sadly :( So Heroics!!

Got a group together and gave Heroic Black Morass a go. Took my boomkin for add control this time. This group have cleared this instance before, only difference was instead of a mage we had a elemental shaman. 1st try we got to the 16th wave and i was killed. Those casters hit hard! Harder than i remember. I was res'd then i died again! then the last boss came, and we wiped. it was chaos! So we tried again. and the same thing happened again. so we decided to call it and move on. We settled on a quick 3 badge run in Heroic Mech. Which was nice and smooth.

We then lost our hunter and our shaman, and i wanted to try and get my libram from Heroic Blood Furnace 1st boss. took me close to an hour to get 2 members. In the end our Guild Leader, Slit, came and we started. It was a bit messy as our healer kept having lag or dc'ing for the start. Blizzard really really need to get 2.3 out so i can get my-30% Threat! Just kept dying!

Got there in the end though, and guess what! NO BLOODY LIBRAM!!! Gaaarrrghh!!

I've lost count now how many times that hasn't dropped.

But it was another badge. and some HH rep. *sigh*

So i had some dinner, and the raid team went off to SSC to try Lethoras the Blind. Which they didn't manage. but it was our first encounter with him. So maybe next time when I'm there!! ;)

Instead of raiding I did another Heroic!

Managed to get a group together to Heroic Botanica.

Wow that 3rd boss is a nightmare. We gave up in the end and moved on. I'd taken my druid as we needed way more dps than Firelights capable in there. Plus Gwindle's now really close to exalted with Sha'tar, and Firelights already exalted.

Got enough badges for Gwindle to get a new cloak. Also i got a new feral dps staff!! so I'm getting some really nice feral dps/tanking gear together! So i think I'm gonna try going feral for a few days to try it out! she's not been feral for a really long time! not since she was lvl 40 or 50 when i respec'd boomkin!

So that was my weekend!

Looks like I'm signed up for the raid tonight so raid news tomorrow!

That's all for now! Bye! *waves*