Thursday, 25 October 2007

Hydross is a P.I.T.A.!!!!

So we ventured into SSC again last night, much to my annoyance cos it means i'll not be included for gruul/mags tonight and i'm really aching for more t4 stuff.

But we had a fun night as usual. We cleared the trash to Hydross with ease, and then rebuffed and went in...1st attempt was smooth, but had bad luck with hydross randomly turning and killing people in the raid, myself included.

I really wish they'd move the GY in zangar a little closer to the instances...its such a long walk.

So we tried again, and had more bad luck. I released and started running back, got into the instance, and just as i walked onto the lift pad to go down i dc'd. I then couldnt get back into the game. Every time i tried it would just disconnect me. So i logged my druid and was able to get into the game. Logged out and back in as firelight. Low and behold i was dead again! Typical!

So i had to corpse run *again*.

This time however we got him down!

That nice epic plate healing helm dropped and a really nice cloth robe that one of our warlocks really wanted!! DKP bidding went a bit like this:


Much laughter and people saying that "Kuta really wanted that" and he was one happy lock! He still had Robes of Oblivion so a major upgrade for him!

On to the lurker we went, but now we'd spent quite a long time doing hydross so our plans for attempting a 3rd boss were flushed.

Trash went down easy. Just before the last group of mobs beware! there's a nice gap that even male draenai can slip through (yes even with there HUGE shoulders!!) and into the water and die! Its happened every time we've been here lately! The fishies make short work of anything that drops into the water!

So Lurker went down quick 1st time, just like last time! No problems! we've really got him down! Such an easy fight!

So the ring dropped again, and once again i was told it was a druid ring and i couldn't have it.

Maybe next time there wont be any dps druids who want/need it.

So the raid was over, and I'd had a warrior from another guild whispering me during the raid, as my Druid has the Mongoose enchant so I'm always in demand....

Someone told me that I'd make a fortune with that enchant...most anyone has ever given me as a tip was 50g. and that was a 1 off. Its just so expensive on our realm to get the mats together. Over 500g in some cases depending on the current price of nexus crystals.

I suppose i was lucky to get that enchant really, its so rare on our server I get whispers at least once or twice a week for it. I should really go and pimp myself out in IF more often.

But when I've tried I always just seem to get the following:

"WTS Mongoose Enchant"
"How much?"
"Get mats + tip"
"Hang i check AH"
"WOW!!! That's too much for me!! Sorry."

Unusually I've had a few twinks asking for it! which was a surprise!

Anyway enough drivel from me for one day!