Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Quiet Evening In...

So no Wow for me last night, logged on briefly to check my auctions and then logged for the night!

But I found some new information about where i should go for my gear/spec etc in the form of this blog!

I didn't realise that by emailing Rohan over at Blessing of Kings I'd get so many people responding!

I've started making changes to my gear already, albeit a bit slowly due to gold flow problems! But I'm getting there!

Retnoob gave me some solid advice on ret-haters. Sometimes i take criticism of our class a little too seriously...its only a game, but it hurts...

Had I known what i do now when i first started playing would I have rolled a paladin?

I ask myself this some days, especially when I've had off days, and i always answer Yes in the end. I rolled a paladin because I played the original games, and Arthas and Uther were a real inspiration to me when i was faced with the WoW opening screen. What way shall i go...I don't know anything about this game..but i know that paladins owned in Warcraft 3 so i went that way.

Being a noob at the time I didn't realise that there were 3 tree's to choose from! so i leveled 1-60 Holy! LOL!! i laugh about it so much now when i think about it!

But it taught me 1 thing..Paladins have survivability on their side.

So when i hit 60, i found a raiding community, New Dawn, and we went to ZG, and eventually MC. But i never saw Naxx, or BWL. We tried AQ20 twice i think before TBC hit, but we couldn't get past the wave bosses after the 1st boss.

Then TBC hit. By then I'd already started various alts, and had learnt that there was a retribution "leveling" tree.

1 word summed up my first melee battle when i respec'd Ret: WOW!

I was amazed at how quickly my "Jeklik's Crusher" (easily one of the worst 2h Epics in the game at the time) was killing things!!

I was one of the first 10 people to hit 70 on our server!

In just 12 days i hit 70! (not /played time, RL time)

When i hit 68 I was faced with a hard decision. Do i go back to holy when i get to 70...

I'd started collecting different sets of armour to aid my decision. Healing/Tanking/Retri.

The raid group i was in had all but fallen apart. So i went holy and found a new guild that i could raid with. They promptly fell apart with 2 weeks of me being there due to Leadership issues.
The guild then split and i left and helped my friends I'd made in Divinity to form Nemesis.

We really bonded as friends and met up in RL as well! All was fine till people started either quitting the game, or wanting to leave for Raiding as we only had enough members to just about do a couple of kara runs, plus the guilds mentality was one of casual play.

I wanted more...So i leveled my Druid to 70...Balance from level 50 odd. Suddenly i found a class that really kicked ass! I felt bad for Firelight, but i pretty much retired him. I found a guild that were raiding all of Kara and moved Gwindle into it. I started raiding again! it was great!

And i was top of the Dps meters! i started getting epics, and eventually my first piece of T4.

Then one fateful day i was on Teamspeak with my old guildies from nemesis, but doing some questing on gwindle and Joey started laughing saying that Rage(a good raid guild) were recruiting a new members and were looking for a retribution paladin! I nearly pee'd my pants!

I logged over to firelight and contact the GM; Slit.

We talked and he liked my gear and asked me to contact the Paladin Class leader. 2 days i was trying to get hold of him! 2 long, LONG days i waited. Eventually i contacted slit again and said i couldn't get hold of him, so he asked me to speak to the Warrior CL instead. Within 5 mins i was saying my good byes to Nemesis, and joined Rage.

I was pretty noobishly geared at the time, i had the Polearm from murmer and 2 parts of the arena pvp gear (ret ones) on my first raid with Rage we downed High king Mulgar, and Gruul!

I was so happy! finally i'd found my place. I was able to raid with my main again, and do something i enjoyed...and i got my first raiding epic: Hammer of the Naaru.

"Look!! Its the mace from the TBC CGI intro!!! WOW!!!!"

Things went up from there! i had a goal! i wanted more dps gear! So i worked my ass off getting exalted with Ogri'la and Skyguard. Got my Boots and my Trinket.

Then i got lucky in Kara! 1 night - 2 bits of T4!! Helm and Gloves!! brilliant!

The rest is history...I've since moved Gwindle into Rage, and don't use her as much as i did, but she's my grind bot now...Sad really...but maybe I'll be able to raid with her again...Balance is fun!