Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Tuesdays Suck!

Well last night wasn't such a great night compared to Monday, but i still managed to have some fun either way!

Logged onto WoW and was greeted by my Arena team mates wanting to do some Arena before the raid started. So off we went...Boy were we in for a shock!

Warlocks! Everywhere! Covered in Merciless gear! Ouch!

And i thought 1 warlock in a team was imba, try coming up against 2!!! Resto Shamans are imba too! We won a few fights, but we didn't fair too well last night so after a frustrating 30 Min's we hung up our capes and decided not to do arena on Tuesday nights again!

So i wasn't selected for the Karazhan raid, which was kinda disappointing, but i found out later on that team 2 who i was with on Friday last week had an awful time and didn't kill anyone!

Shocking really! I mean the guild have had Kara on farm for some time, but i was told it was down to lack of focus with Aran, and they were gonna have 1 shot at the Prince before signing out.

So I found some friends who were doing Headless Horseman runs to try and get the helm.

5 Platies all wanting that helm!! And did it drop once? NO! Typical!

I'm hoping I've got another week to try and get it, I really want it! Its great for DPS! And a good bit of RP fun too!

So after 5 tries at the Headless Horseman I was gonna log off, when someone asked if anyone wanted to go to do a quick 3 badge Mech Heroic Run. So off we went!

Mechanar was fun! on the 1st boss, the one that gives everyone a polarity charge, we managed to get 3with the same charge and i did an impressive 5.5k + 5.5k Burst!! 11k!!! Needless to say i drew aggro from the tank, even after waiting a few seconds and with Salvation on! The resto druid we had was doing a good job keeping me up and i was hitting really hard! I've never seen that boss go down so quick! I had to use my lay on hands right at the last second to stay alive, but we got him down before i had to start popping pots!

Got my Three badges, and On the last mob i hit Exalted with Sha'tar!!

So i flew back to Shattrath and picked up my new ring!

A'dal's Command
+29 Strength
+16 Agility
+18 Stamina

Love it!

Anyway a rather uneventful evening...perhaps tonight will be different!

25 man Raiding tonight! Weeeeeeeeeee!!!