Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Did I have a fun evening or what!!

I logged on after work, to find my new 3v3 Arena Partners whispering me asking me to do some arena quick before the raid started, so we managed to do 6 matches in 20 Min's, and aren't we an interesting team!!

1 Holy Priest
1 Warlock
1 Retri Paladin

It seems to work really well! The teams never know what to attack.."do we go for the paladin, or the priest...oh hang on the paladins hitting me with that huge hammer...OW!!!"

We did 6 matches and only lost 2! That's the best record I've had with an arena team! I was rather pleasantly surprised! So where the rest of the team!! Its good having 2 stun abilities.

Anyway after my short pvp session I had a short time to get ready for the raid!

Yesterday i found an amazing bit of information on this blog: http://kazielmmo.blogspot.com/

It listed a lot of items required for retri paladins in raids!

So i bought myself some:
Roasted Clefthoof: Gain 20 Strength and 20 Spirit for 30 min.
Scroll of Strength V: Increases the target's Strength by 20 for 30 min.

I needed to buy some Strength Potions, but there were none on the Auction House at the time. For the next raid I defiantly want to get some of the following:

Elixir of Major Strength: Increases your Strength by 35 for 60 min.

These 3 items alone would add 164 Attack Power! That's a big jump!

I also changed a few gems in line with GSH's comments getting my Hit rating from 61 to 79!

I'm a bit strapped for cash so i could only afford rubbishy gems for the time being so i should be able to bump that up a bit with some nice blue gems by the weekend.

So off we went to SSC, We all arrived, the usual death at the elevator followed by someone on vent shouting "*#?*!!!!!!!" and lots of laughter... One tip for anyone going there, stand in the middle of the lift-pad!!

We buffed, and off we went!!

This was my 2nd time and SSC, but only my first time from the start. The last time i came here We were just doing the Lurker, and didn't have to do the start trash mobs. So imagine my surprise when i was ganked at the first Bog Lord thingy! That's rather a nasty spray damage thing they do! Hit me 4/5 times and i was dead before i realised i was dying! Needless to say i was much more cautious at the 2nd one of them!

So after the trash was clear Hydross lay ahead of us...Now I'd not seen this fight other than on Youtube so was quite nervous!

The first try and we got him to 60% and then had 2 lots of adds come at once, which wiped us.

Second try same thing happened again, but at 50%.

Third try we figured out what was going on! One of our mages was drawing aggro by bandaging during the transition and for some reason the spawned 2 lots of adds???

Anyway we took him down pretty quick, and there was much rejoicing!!

Loot was pretty tasty! I walked away with some new shoulders for me to play with!

Pauldrons of the Wardancer
1206 Armor
+38 Strength
+21 Stamina
Red Socket
Blue Socket
Socket Bonus: +3 Crit Rating

A huge boost in strength over my pvp shoulders (Gladiator's Scaled Shoulders) and once i get the Aldor Enchant on (+30 AP & 10 Crit) they should do me pretty well for PVE till i can get the T4 shoulders or T5 maybe...

So Hydross was down, and we moved on to The Lurker Below!

Trash was a pain, 2 Nether Vortex's dropped though, i bid on one, but didn't get it. I need 2 for my chest upgrade, but I'll hang on till I've upgraded it with Primal Nethers First. They seem to go for 10/15 DKP so not so much.

So on to the Lurker! We've got his number! Downed on the first attempt! No problem!!

I have the bracers he drops already, but a nice Neck item dropped, but it went to a druid.

Are retri paladins supposed to share loot with Druid tanks? +strength +agility +stam

So the raid ended there for the night.

So after raid had ended a shaman guildie asked me to join his 2v2 team. We only had time to do 1, before we went off to do the Headless Horseman thing in Scarlet Monastery Grave Yard!

Tried 5 times to get the Helm, but still no joy. /cry

I must have tried 20-30 times now!!

I've got all 3 rings, the non-epic flying broom, and the epic riding broom(ground)....But no helm.

I've only seen it drop once on my first ever try..and i lost the roll to an annoying warrior. (to be fair he did need it a lot more than i did!)

Any way that's enough for now!