Wednesday, 11 February 2009

The Sunwell - Retro Raiding

Hey people! Hows everyone one on this wonderful Wednesday! Can't wait to go home and see how exciting it is not not bring my seals up every 2 minutes. Its going to take a little while to get used to that!! Took me long enough to get used to not having to do it every 30 seconds!

Anyway I'm not going to spend any time repeating what about 30 other blogs have talked about the 3.0.9 patch that's live today/yesterday.

All 25-man content had been cleared this week to date last night when the raid formed and we had penciled in a run to the Sunwell.

20 of our finest and a couple of trialists descended to Shattrath and then onto the Isle of Quel'danas and rode into the instance. Having not been here for about 4 or 5 months it was with great anticipation and excitement that we re-entered with the plan to blow through the content and get that all important achievement "Outland Raider"

At around 20:00 we started gathering inside, and were chatting on Ventrillo about how we were going to blow through here like a hot knife through butter.

The first patrol mob was one of those sentinel things. I jokingly said "he's only got 350k health!" and was promptly told to go try solo'ing him! Off i went - Seal of Light in hand.
10 seconds later (and I was surprised I lasted that long) SPLAT! Oops!
"I think we may have underestimated this place a little" to which one of our pally tanks stepped up and showed how it was done! Well done Lefty!!

Anyway about 10/15 mins later we started clearing the trash which was fast - I mean really fast. We got to the first boss in a few minutes.

Now this was the blue dragon Kalecgos. It seems that most people had forgotten the tactics and started nuking the dragon down before I remembered we had to kill the demon in the other realm!! in we piled and managed to kill the demon when Kalecgos had only 20k health left! phew! That was close!

Next onto Brutallus - he went down pretty fast on the first go as well. Felmyst was next - she wiped us once or twice due to getting double width breaths that were MC'ing most if not all of the raid.

Back pre-wrath we had never managed to get Felmyst down in Rage so from here on it was all new territory.

We cleared the trash to the Eredar Twins. All I'm going to say is - these 2 should have been the last boss in the place...


Thankfully after about the 6th or 7th wipe we had one of our new members get onto vent and explain the fight and after a couple more tries we got them down.

That fight is SO unforgiving. If anyone gets the Conflagrate they really need to move FAST.

So then it was onto Mu'ru where after 1 wipe we got him down - the first attempt was pretty funny, we just attempted to Nuke him, not 100% sure what would happen - our guide who was explaining the fights had forgotten the part where Mu'ru becomes that demon, but we got him in the end.

Then onto the man himself....Kil'Jaeden.

This guy was a joke. With 20 people in the raid we managed to Nuke this guys down so fast he never made it into his scary phase. (apparently!)

The RP event that happened after was pretty cool, and Nice to finally see the end of TBC Raiding.

So it was a rather frustrating night - to the point that a few people gave up during our wipes with the Eredar twins, but was really nice to see the rest of the content.

Here are a few pics!