Friday, 6 February 2009

Fishing For The First Time...

Hey guys! Wanted to talk about fishing today. It occurred to me over the weekend that paying gold for food buffs was finally getting silly.

The +40 Strength and Stamina food buff (of which I cant remember the name) was costing me around 50-70g per stack of 20 for just the fish. Even more if I wanted to buy the ready made stuff. So after almost 3 years I decided to start leveling my fishing skill.

Not only to be able to fish for my own food, but also to get some more achievements done!
Over the years when I'd been REALLY bored I'd managed to get myself to 225 Fishing Skill. So having found some good guides on the web I set about fishing.

I started in Ironforge as I wanted to get hold of the rare fish there for the achievement. When i finally fished up this beauty I was about 275 Fishing. I then moved to Theramore and started again. I stayed there till 350 fishing then moved to Northrend to get my 350-450 skill training.

I started in some of the sea's/lakes there until I got to 360 or so then was able to fish in Dragonblight to fish up the Dragonfin Angelfish from the pool surrounded by dead kalu'ak dudes.
So now I'm 390 or so and actually enjoying myself! I've started doing the outland-daily quests and I'm fishing up the coins in Dalaran.

I'm slowly moving through the achievements one-by-one.

I'm a bit obsessed by these achievements really - All of them are in my grasp, so I'm spending more time doing them than actually leveling my alts! HaHa!

Anyway here's me fishing in Dalaran

Also need some quick advise - which of these 2 pairs of boots is better. The gem in the boots with the socket was there to keep my meta-gem working.

(PS - If anyone is interested in the Mini-Map addon I'm using its called "sexymap")