Thursday, 12 February 2009

Love Is In The Air.

Yep! Its that time of year again. Everything is pink and fluffy and for some reason there are hundreds of people trying to get in the pants of an innocent gnome in Ironforge.

There's something unusual about running around Ironforge, Stormwind and Darnassus professing my love to burly men all over the place. I mean I suppose I could be picky and only give my tokens of love to only members of the opposite sex. But then It'd take me all week to get my achievments done.

So after a night of running around the 3 cities and managed to get the majority of the achievements done for the title.

I just need the following;

Candy achievement - This is proving to be quite hard as I've not gotten any of the candy yet so far.

I also need to run around and /pity the love fools - Only managed to get my love fools this morning so I'll do that tonight.

I need to also get the roses from the dungeon bosses - I did do an Utgarde Keep heroic last night and they dropped, but I didn't win the roll. But I can probably go into UK Normal and get the item with my mage friend quite easily.

I think I need 1 more achievement for the title, but cant remember, which one.

Have any of you been getting into the swing of things and enjoying the holiday? There's not really anything new to it this year, but last year I was so un-interested in it I didn't quite understand what you had to do! Its really over-complicated with getting loads of items that fill up your bags very quickly!