Friday, 1 August 2008

Raiding and Looting with Alts...

Hey guys! Look at this, 2 blog posts in as many days. Who'd have thunk it.

So last night the 25 man raid was cancelled due to lack of healers signed up, so one of the guildies put a run together for Zul'Aman.

The group formed and they needed 1 more dps so I said I'd come - So there I am, having to decide what level 70 to take:

Firelight - Fire doesn't need anything from there, he doesn't need badges for anything really.

Gwindle - Gwindle is Feral at the mo, and the group didnt need tanks.

Starslayer - This guy has just over 1000 spell damage and needed some badges to finally get rid of that off-hand he had from UBRS (*blush*)

So i asked if I could bring my 'lock and off we went - i grabbed some consumables from the AH and got summoned to the Instance.

First boss dropped some nice spell damage bracers which i won the roll for, but was suggested by our Raid Leader to let a main have them that needed i did...

Another 2 bosses dropped suitable gear for my Warlock, and I gave it up for the mains that were there.

The question is - was it fair? Should I have stuck my neck out and said I wanted the gear as i was there doing as much work as the other guys...surely i deserved some rewards too?

We downed the last boss with ease with 9 people as one of the guys was locked out of the area and unable to participate...quite an achievement given the fact that there were a few alts in there.

I'm really hoping next week we can get back into Black Temple and clear the place to Mother Shiraz. Firelight now has all his shadow resistance gear and is ready to go in there and kick Mother's demonic butt!