Monday, 4 August 2008

Mid-Year Resolution!

I hereby promise that I will post more on here! Been snowed under at work, but things have eased a bit lately which is nice! Its good to get more staff in!

So my weekend was spent trying to grind Darnassus rep on my Human Warrior.

He's 27 now and is just over 50% into revered - having cleared the starting quests in:

Teldrassil -> Darkshore -> Ashenvale. (Night Elf Starting Area)

Azuremyst Isle -> Bloodmyst Isle (Draenai Starting Area)

Elwynn -> Westfall -> Redridge (Human Starting Area)

I started doing the dwarf/Gnome starting area, but I wasn't getting any sympathetic Rep for these quests so I stopped.

I'm going back to Ashenvale to finish the quests off there, but I'm worried about the amount of XP I'm going to make from these quests. Oh thinking about it I've missed out Duskwood and I could also try Loch Modan to see if the 10-20 IF/Gnomer quests give sympathetic quests...

Seems like a good idea - I'll try that! I'm determined reach exalted before I hit 30! So the lower level the quests I do the better.

I find it really hard to understand why the Dwarf/Gnome start area's don't give sympathetic Alliance Rep. Seems odd doesn't it. Maybe it was just because I was revered with all the other factions other than IF/Gnomer....? Seems odd though as I was still getting sympathetic rep with SW/Darn when i was doing Exodar quests even though I was revered with them.

10,500 rep seems a tall order for 3 levels but we'll see how it goes.

This is a fun way of leveling - none of the quests are even remotely challenging - the mobs are usually 1 shotable!

Updates will continue on my experiment! something tells me i should have started earlier!!