Thursday, 31 July 2008


Hey peeps! Sorry for the 3 week lack of posts, what with the lack of raiding and having to do some re-decorating at home and being busy at work, just not had the time for it....

Anyway Here we are! The Wrath of the Lich King Beta has started and there's lots of info flying around the web about all the new cool (and other not so cool) stuff from it.

I'm not going to re-iterate what just about every paladin related blog has gone on about by listing talents and new spells etc, I'm just going to give my 2 pence(cents!) worth.

OK, so i have to be a little upset about the nerf to Art of War that occurred this week but in hindsight Blizzard had to do something about the 18-24k crits people were getting from Seal of Command. This is rather annoying, why nerf something that probably just needed fixing? I guess it does mean however that Seal of command will be proc'ing for 9-12k in Wrath? I'm still going to be rather happy about that.

I saw a video from the beta of 2 paladins (one 72, one 76) clearing Onyxia in under 1 minute! That is just nuts!! Screw daily quests!! Just go farm level 60 raid bosses.


Absolutely crazy!

Other interesting things is the news about mounts and non-combat pets becoming spells that you learn, that's just awesome news! More bag-space for me. Plus it means I can have all my mounts with me at 1 time! Just brilliant news.

Other than Art of War getting a nerf, it looks pretty good still for us Ret-Noobs, I personally just cant wait for the expansion to come. But I hope at least I can get my T6 Shoulders. They're the one piece of loot I actually want (along with the legs of course and other bits lol) but from a looks point of view the shoulders are my main goal, and the reason I've saved 3,433 DKP to spend on them.

Raiding has slowly started up again, and we've managed 2 weeks running to clear Mount Hyjall in 1 evening which is just brilliant progress. Sadly though we're still plagued with people on holiday so we've not progressed much in Black Temple. In fact we've only been once in the last 2 weeks.

In other news I've started leveling a Human Warrior who is currently level 26, and I'm finding it a lot of fun actually. I'm trying to get him exalted with Darnassus in time for his first mount if possible. He's about 1/4 into Revered with Darnassus already so he's well on the way.