Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Wrath of the Lich King Cometh...

Hey peeps!! Hope all is well and everyone is enjoying the summer (hears all Brits saying "What summer??")

So the expansion is around the corner!! I'm sure all of you have seen the EPIC cinematic that was also released last week - wow!!! Truly amazing work! Nice to see those furry boots again!!

Blizzard also announced the following over the weekend:

With the release of Wrath of the Lich King approaching, we wanted to provide you with some important information. In preparation for the expansion, we will be issuing a new content patch in the coming weeks.

Much like the patch made available shortly before The Burning Crusade's release, this content patch is designed to bridge current game content with that of the expansion and will contain some exciting changes and additions.

We have outlined some of the larger features scheduled to release with the patch below:

New class spells and talents
Stormwind Harbor
Barbershops in capital cities
Zeppelin towers outside of Orgrimmar and Tirisfal Glades
Two brand-new Arenas featuring challenging new layouts, terrain hazards, and moving obstacles Guild calendar
Hunter pet skill revamp
New profession: Inscription

As mentioned above, this is not a comprehensive list, just some of the major highlights. We’ll post the full patch notes as soon as they’re available.

Regarding Inscription, please note that all Burning Crusade players will be able to select Inscription as one of their two professions and level up to a skill level of 375 with it. Upon the release of Wrath of the Lich King, players who purchase and install the expansion will be able to continue leveling in Inscription and the other professions beyond 375.

Well that should put WotLK as a October/November release I predict. Play.com says 4th November so we'll see!

I'm NOT going to be leveling inscription on Firelight, I might do it on my Mage, Edam, but not 100% sure.

It will however be interesting to see how much enchants are going to cost on the AH once people are able to do that - that is providing if they are not able to do so until they reach 450 Inscription...We'll see what Blizzard have decided with regards to that on the day the patch hits.

I'm so eager to see how the new Ret-Paladin will work - not that it is working at the moment...

I was so happy when i saw the first release of the Ret-tree then they got the nerf bat out and starting taking swings at our new tree, breaking things off left right and centre to the point where I'm really worried we're going to be mind-numbingly broken when Wrath hits...to the point where i might just say "ah bugger it, I'm going to level my druid to 80 first!!"

God knows the Balance tree is shaping up pretty nicely at the moment.

This is the inherent problem with having 4 level 70's to choose from...which toon do I pick to go first - i should choose Firelight for obvious reasons as he's my main but I'm also finding my Mage, who's now level 68 and tearing a hole in Shadowmoon Valley as we speak with her instant cast fireballs, a lot of fun!

This is the order i think i will level my 70's:

Firelight - Ret Paladin.
Edam - Arcane/Fire Mage.
Gwindle - Balance Druid.
Starslayer - Demo Warlock.

This way I'll have been out of Outland so long that when i decide to make my Deathknight and start leveling him Outland will new and fresh again! haha! I wish!!

Do you have Multiple 70's? If so who are you planning to level to 80 first!