Monday, 11 August 2008

Multiboxing, Mounts and Mothers...

Hey peeps!

So I've had a rather busy couple of weeks!!

Lets start with the news that Blizzard are giving away free Zhevra mounts when you recommend a friend to the game!

So i went and recommended my girlfriend and here Firelight is on his shiny new Zhefra mount!

Pretty sweet!! I've only seen one other person with it so far.

All i had to do was buy the game, and then a 2 month Game Card, apply it to the new account and then log back onto my main account and assign the mount to Firelight.

So then I thought I'd look up some instructions of multiboxing and loaded up 2 new Draenai Shamans called Xodar and Xodartoo. This was a lot of fun. Triple XP + 2 people doing the start quests i hit level 8 in under 60 mins. I also tried it with a couple of mages, but it was going to be alot more complicated than leveling 2 Elemental Shaman so they got deleted.

Your 2 toons can do some cool stuff while they're linked - including the ability to summon each other once per hour, the triple XP bonus, and the ability to grant a level up - although I've not managed to do this yet - not sure if its the level 70 main that can grant the noobie some extra levels.. Dont wanna try it in case both toons aren't synced any more! Double Ding FTW!!!

Anyways the guilds progression has been pretty awesome this week:

Wednesday - Cleared Mount Hyjall 5/5

Thursday - Black Temple: Naj'entus, Supremus, Akama, Reliquary of Souls all taken down first time. Bloodboil was taken the next night but no-one progressed to Monther due to a lot of the raid missing the Shadow Res Crafted Gear.

Tonight we're ready for her! We have 2 clear nights of tries on her and if we get lucky the Illidari Council. (Who knows we might even get a shot at Illidan himself!!)

I'm really excited! Me and my 4,000 DKP are ready for our shoulder upgrade!

Wish us luck!