Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Torch of the Damned?

Hey Guys! Hows everyone doing on this fine wednesday?

Couple of updates for ya from this week.

Monday - Picked up my Darkmoon Card: Crusade which is just lovely in raids! all that extra AP and SP has picked up my DPS quite a bit - Definatly reccomend any ret-paladin get this trinket by any means necesssary! For me getting the ace meant finding a level 70 horde to buy it for me and put it up on the AH in Booty Bay for me to purchase! Very handy being on an RP Server some times!

Monday night Rage cleared Reliquary of Souls and my luck prooved to be total crap and the mace didnt drop :( Quite annoying. We moved onto Mother Shiraz but sadly we still dont have enough Hearts of Darkness required to craft the shadow res sets for enough guild members to actually be able to try her. Lets see how we get on with getting that gear in the next week. I have to start faming the mats required for my belt, bracers, and legs.

Last night however I got lucky! We went to Archimonde and after an hour or so of tries we got him down. This is the 3rd time that he's been taken down by the guild and he's not quite on farm just yet but we got him none-the-less. Lucky for me he dropped:

Cataclysm's Edge
Two-Hand Sword
138.0 Damage Per Second Speed: 3.5
+75 Strength
+49 Stamina
Equip: Your attacks ignore 335 of your opponents armor.

This is a lovely sword!! Cant decide if i still want the mace from Reliquary or not....