Friday, 29 May 2009

Thorim has Rage on Farm

Hey peeps!

As Doxa was kind enough to enquire as to our guilds progress on Thorim I thought I'd make a quick post to answer him!

Well as the title suggests we're having a few problems on getting that dude down! Quite literally.

Getting him down off that pedestal is a real job! Either the guys going through the gauntlet wipe or the group outside cant keep up with the number of mobs spawning and wipe just as the last mob is pulled by the gauntlet.

We've tried lots of different combo's here - from putting more people in the gauntlet to putting more people outside.

I've been in both sides of the tries - starting with staying in the main room and fighting off the hordes of iron dwarves that come - it can be very overwhelming at times - and woweee the chaos that can ensue as people are just running around like blue-ass-flies trying to stay in control.... and its not much more fun in the Gauntlet room. Pull aggro off the tanks and you're dead! Thankfully hand of Salvation is a real godsend here! The gauntlet itself is not terribly difficult to start off with but when you get to those stairs...oh my really need to be with a fearless tank who is able to take more than his fair share of punishment.

I've never been more scared to use Divine Storm in all my life!

Its just a frustrating thing - I guess many people will say we clearly don't have the DPS required yet to get past him. I guess there is always going to be a gear check with some bosses.

Good news though is all other bosses are on farm mode more or less aside from Hodir and Thorim (we've not tried Mimiron on 25-man yet but I heard he's a nightmare!!)

This weekend I'm going to try get me that Red Proto-Drake! I've wanted that bad boy for a while now and only need 7/8 more achievements to get it! 5 more Mounts left then all I need is the Tournament mounts to get my Mountain of Mounts reward of a very sexy Blue Dragonhawk!

So sadly Doxa we too are also headbutting the same wall as you!