Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Ulduar Progression

Hey guys! Hope all are well and still rocking the new content!

Rage's progression is as always slow and steady compared to some of you guys out there, but we're doing our best in the face of adversity.

Last night we cleared Auriaya and had a few good tries on Hodir in 25-man.

Auriaya is a bit of a nightmare and its all about the raid being able to keep mobile if the void zones spawn in rubbish places. This fight reminds me a bit of Prince in Karazhan with the infernals spawning all over the place.

Hodir on the other hand is best described in 1 word: Chaos.

Everyone has to keep moving all the time or they take frost damage, added to the fact you have to keep out of the runes on the floor in case you get knocked back by cave-ins. Its a real intensive fight and people have to be on the ball or its FAIL time. Also he's got 32 million Hit Points.....that's just unreasonable!! Damn you Blizzard!

So that's all the news from a raiding point of view. I've slowly been continuing my rep grind for the Insane title, but nothing massive to report there, other than hitting honored with Darkmoon Faire. I've started the Argent Tournament on my Druid - which is fun, and adds a nice source of income as well.

I'm planning on leveling another toon to 80 just so I can do these quests again maybe - it depends on what happens when 3.2 comes out.

I also managed to get my 75th non-combat pet in game and got my Fawn pet in the post, which was cool! Also last night in VoA Emalon was kind enough to drop the Grand Black War Mammoth!! Somehow I managed to win the roll as well!! /grin

That's my 85th mount in game - 15 to go for the Dragonhawk mount you get at 100.

Good Times!

Have any of you guys completed any WoW milestones with regards to content or achievements?