Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Mimiron & General Vezax

Hey guys, sorry for the semi lack of posts, but I took a week and a bit off raiding as I had a week off work to chill out and relax - You know - Made some time to do Man things like working on my car and playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

Anyway Rage managed to slip past the elusive Hodir and Thorim and also Mimiron.
Thankfully on Monday night I was back just in time to see Mimiron downed on the 2nd try.

Now I'd heard Mimiron was a bit of a pain, but while the fight is reasonably complicated, it didn't seem very hard compared to other fights we've had in Ulduar thus far.

Mimirons 4 phase are a real blast! If you've not seen the fight be prepared for some fun and I imagine frustration!

So on Monday night and again last night we had various tries on the big man:

General Vezax

This is a fairly straight forward fight from a melee point of view thankfully unless you happen to be a death knight - in which case you're likely to be on deathgrip duty helping the ranged classes with the green mana goo!

Our best try thus far was to get him to 44% Its a long fight and you really need your healers to be top of their game.

Tonight I'm raid leading our clearance night in Ulduar! Wish me luck!! *gulp* This is my first time raid leading a 25-man, thankfully we wont be doing anything new here (well I hope not!) and it will be a nice experience! Even if the other officers were laughing! Bring it on!