Thursday, 27 August 2009

Moved to Self Hosting!


Its not quite finished, but I'm eager to start writting again so head on over to :

Update your links :)

See you all there!

Blog Move incoming..

Hey peeps!

Just wanted to let you know that I'm moving from blogger at the moment to Wordpress and Self Hosted!!

New address will be posted in the next couple days!!

Prepare to update your blogger links! :)

Monday, 24 August 2009

Epic Fail = Me!!

Well I'm such a slacker! I've been so busy lately What with raiding and new content and Blizzcon '09 (well watching it anyway) I've forgotten that I was supposed to be blogging!!

Anyway - no empty threats for posting this time! I'll post if i can!

So lets round up the past couple months.

1 - Ulduar 25 Progression - We've had lots of problems with getting enough people together to do 25-mans therefore we're still stuck on Yogg-Saron. Really annoying - we've gotten into phase where you go into the memories rooms.

2 - Trail of the Crusader - I've really enjoyed this new content so far - all the fights are really cool and I like the way you've gotta work for the top end gear! I means Ensida etc have to wait for loot like the rest of us!! ^_^

3 - Argent Tournament - New dailys are awesome, new quests - new items - lots of cool stuff. I got my Argent Charger!

Gotten some interesting acheivements as well!!

Got my 100th Mount!!

And got my 2nd Turtle Mount!!

I'm enjoying the game again - and thing are only looking forward!!

I spent almost all weekend watching Blizzcon as well! (cant wait for my new murloc pet!! haha!)

I cant wait for the Cataclysm! :)

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder...

Wow its been almost a month since my last blog post - so I guess I better explain myself!!

Well its been a bit of a stressful time for me in RL - my G/F and I are in the middle of buying a house together - and its all completed this week so Grats Anna and I! Just gotta wait for them to finish building it!

So as I've had a lot on my plate in RL, I've not done much in WoW. In fact i didn't even log into WoW for 8 days! Somewhat of a record for me!

I took this time to chill out, play Ghostbusters on my PS3 (which is just awesome btw!!) and look back at the last 3 years of WoW that I've been playing.

I was pretty close to quitting actually - the reason for this was i was feeling sad cos I missed all my friends from the guild!!

Last night with all the raid instances reset we started at Vault of Archavon and I got my T8 legs.........Damn...

Yep...that's right - Men look stupid in dresses!!!

So its sex-change time again I'm afraid!! I just don't see why the t8 legs had to look like that - its like they got the shaman and paladin loot mixed up.....nabs....

There! That's much better!!

So as i was saying - I got the Teir 8 legs and we moved onto Ulduar where I had a good night loot wise!!

I got Worldcarver to replace my Rune Edge - Nice to have all that extra Attack Power from the strength.
Also managed to snag myself some new bracers.

So a welcome return to WoW for me.

Before my brief break we managed to down General Vezax, and have a few tries on Yoggy. They managed to get to him as well, but it wasn't a good try from what I heard. We should get to him again this week! I cant wait to get him down! Long time coming!

Did you guys notice today the downloader is going for 3.2?

Bring it on! Been playing a bit on the PTR - changes seem good! Cant wait for that!

Hope everyones ok - and Sorry for the lack of updates lately - more will be coming I promise!!


Friday, 19 June 2009

Upcoming 3.2 Retribution Changes.. the dust has settled a bit, and I've calmed down a little from reading the initial stuff.

So I'm not going to go over everything again - most of the big hitters have already nit picked everything to the nth degree.

Anyway I wanna make a few comments on a few of the things coming in 3.2

So Seal of the Martyr/Blood has passed to the great pile of discarded abilities in the sky, and I'm thankful for this. Its been a liability since the day it was created. This change should have happened when Blizzard gave the Alliance the seal. Instead all it did was make Seal of Command worthless other than a leveling dps talent.

The new Seal of Command seems to be interesting - "This seal now deals 36% weapon damage on every swing" Interesting indeed. "All melee attacks deal additional Holy damage." So Command will do damage on every single melee attack: Crusader Strike, Divine Storm and White Damage. Guaranteed! I imagine this'll get nerfed eventually.

To be honest considering Blizzard said they were going to be revamping Retribution, I didn't think sorting out Seal of Command would be the answer. I guess we all had delusions of greater and grander things.

One question about Exorcism. They've put back the cast time on this, and given Art of War the ability to make it instant again. Pointless. This just gives Mages another spell to counter. Making us even more useless in PvP. The only way this would be a good change is to remove the cool down on the spell.

I just wanna get into the PTR. Like NOW.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Mimiron & General Vezax

Hey guys, sorry for the semi lack of posts, but I took a week and a bit off raiding as I had a week off work to chill out and relax - You know - Made some time to do Man things like working on my car and playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

Anyway Rage managed to slip past the elusive Hodir and Thorim and also Mimiron.
Thankfully on Monday night I was back just in time to see Mimiron downed on the 2nd try.

Now I'd heard Mimiron was a bit of a pain, but while the fight is reasonably complicated, it didn't seem very hard compared to other fights we've had in Ulduar thus far.

Mimirons 4 phase are a real blast! If you've not seen the fight be prepared for some fun and I imagine frustration!

So on Monday night and again last night we had various tries on the big man:

General Vezax

This is a fairly straight forward fight from a melee point of view thankfully unless you happen to be a death knight - in which case you're likely to be on deathgrip duty helping the ranged classes with the green mana goo!

Our best try thus far was to get him to 44% Its a long fight and you really need your healers to be top of their game.

Tonight I'm raid leading our clearance night in Ulduar! Wish me luck!! *gulp* This is my first time raid leading a 25-man, thankfully we wont be doing anything new here (well I hope not!) and it will be a nice experience! Even if the other officers were laughing! Bring it on!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Figure Print Arrives!

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you all know of a couple of really cool things that I've gotten!

Yesterday, after almost a month of waiting, my Figureprint arrived!

Its way more awesome than I had ever imagined it would be - Check it out:

Awesome isn't it! I went for my Tier 6 gear with a bit of my Ulduar gear thrown in for good measure! That sword is just massive!!

Also I blew all my money and bought myself a Chopper!!

Vroom Vroom!!! Loving the Chopper! And I only had to spend 12,500 on the official mats from Storm Peaks. Big Thanks to Umari from the Guild for stumping up 11 Titansteel Bars!!

Thanks Dude!! <3